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fibre Optic Broadband 4

Inverkip Fibre Broadband

It’s true, Fibre Optic Broadband is slowly and surely reaching the homes of Inverkip. And no, you don’t have to be on the Main St to get it, many areas “further up the hill”...


Snow Drop Day – Ardgowan

  Snowdrop Day The annual Charity Snowdrop Day at Ardgowan Estate, Inverkip, takes place on Sunday 21 February, from 2 to 5pm. Always a great event to involve the kids, and get into the...

New Inverkip Community Centre Image 9

Inverkip Community Centre

You’ve probably noticed recently, that there is a lot of building works going on at the location of the old football park, next to the Sainsbury’s Local store. It seems that Inverkip is finally...